Limited/Open Editions

The same quality materials are used to produce both open and limited edition photographs. The only real difference is in the amount of photographs available for sale.


Limited Editions

Limited edition photographs have a limit to the number of photographs that will be created. Once the edition has sold out the photograph will no longer be available. This effects the price of the photo. When the edition is first made available the price will be at it’s lowest. As the edition sells the photograph becomes more expensive as there are less prints available. A limited edition photograph will never come down in price, instead it will get more expensive. This is why people try to purchase limited editions when they first become available. Each photograph is numbered and signed and this number, along with the buyer’s name and date of purchase, is recorded.

A photograph can have several editions based on the size printed and print method used. The total amount of photographs that will be printed is determined at the time the edition is offered.


Open Editions

There is no set limit to the number of open edition photographs that will be printed, therefore the price is not tied to the amount of photographs that are produced and sold. Open edition photographs are available in every size possible, both framed and unframed.