Print Materials

Using the highest quality of printing and framing components means we can guarantee our photographs, when framed properly, for up to 190 years.



Photographs are printed on acid free paper with pure pigment inks.



Photographs are tack mounted on acid-free foam core with ATG Gold archival glue in two small areas on the top - back of the photograph. This foam core can be used for final framing or the print can be removed for different backing material. 

To remove a photograph from the foam core: grasp the photograph on the bottom and pull the photograph up and away from the foam core. By applying steady pressure the photograph should release. The glue is located outside of the image area - so even if it tears it will not effect the image. With traditional framing a mat's window will be cut to slightly overlap the image so the outside white area will not show.



Photographs are attached to acid free foam core and then matted using 100% cotton rag mat. Our frame moldings are made of solid wood and are handpicked to enhance the artwork that they surround.

We use Conservation clear glass which has a 99% UV coating which blocks harmful rays and protects your image from fading from indoor and natural lighting. An upgrade is Museum glass, which has the same 99% UV protection, but reduces almost all reflections. 

Finally - the frame back is sealed with acid-free paper with quality hanging hardware attached. 



Face mounting is a process of applying an optically clear adhesive to the face of the photograph, then adhering the photograph to acrylic, also known as plexiglass. Photographs are printed on acid-free paper and then face mounted on ⅛″ thick, 99% UV filtering plexiglass. The backing material is Dibond, an aluminum composite with a rigid plastic core that keeps the piece from bowing. The result is a sleek looking image with no mat or frame. The size of the piece determines which hanging mount you receive; Aluminum/cleat or Doug fir/wire mounts. Face-mounted photos are warrantied against fading for 65 years.