Snow Dunes

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Snow Dunes; Provincetown, MA, January 2017

This shot was taken immediate after a snowstorm - a necessity since the snow on the outer cape disappears very quickly due to the ocean’s temperature and the salt and sand of the land. On this day it was quite cloudy as i walked out to this peak when the sun suddenly shot through a hole that opened up in the clouds. I rushed up the mound of sand, positioned my tripod and got this shot off. As quickly as the clouds opened up they closed again and the light was gone. This seems to be the way a landscape shot goes: Hurry up and wait; i.e. run around like a chicken with your head cut off and then wait for hours!

The dark clouds provide a great contrast to the sun hitting the snow drenched dunes making this a very dramatic shot. Without the clouds this shot would be much more mundane.

Taken with PhaseOne Digital 80mp back attached to Arca-Swiss Rm3di camera


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