Wave Center

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Wave Center; Truro, MA, March 9, 2016

This is a seven second exposure taken at the old military base in Truro, MA. With the camera mounted to a tripod the seven second exposure captures the movement of the crashing waves while the unmoving shoreline in the foreground is in sharp contrast. This opening looks 200’ down to the beach below. I needed four ingredients to get this shot; even lighting, no wind, high waves and a low tide. This is late in the day with the sun setting behind me and the shoreline in shadow which allows the even lighting. Low tide was determined using tide charts. This was critical for the shape of the frame and for the detail of the sand in the foreground. Wind was a bit tricky since the wind at this opening can be quite strong even when it’s calm elsewhere. Because this is such a long exposure windy conditions would cause blur even with the use of a tripod. Wave height was the most difficult to predict. Large waves crashing on the shoreline is what created the white foam color/blur. I probably shot this scene over a dozen times, each time getting different results from all of the variables involved. I only got the break in the sand bar once though - which was a nice bonus. 

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